All looks lost for the Rebellion as they learn the Empire has a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success.

When it was announced that there were to be Star wars spinoff films, eyes rolled and fists clenched in anger. A Star wars film featuring a new set of good guys, a story about how the Death Star plans were stolenwite, an ending we already know - how could that possibly be any good? Well, there was much rejoicing when Rogue one was released. Not only was it an excellent, grittier look at the Star wars universe, it was a worthwhile story with some of the best and morally ambiguous characters seen so far.

In Rogue one, the Rebels are more morally conflicted, make difficult decisions and, as Jyn Erso and her crew advance in their mission, come to realise that achieving the greater good will ultimately require their sacrifice. Although this is a story of a successful mission, it’s a mission that *spoiler warning* they do not walk away from alive.

The clip focuses on Jyn as she attempts to bring together a team to steal the Death Star plans. The Rebel council have refused the mission, so it is left to a group of volunteers to put their lives at risk to save the day. After showing the clip, break into small groups and discuss the following questions:

  • Cassian describes his past actions to Jyn; is it possible that someone like him could be redeemed?
  • What do you think is motivating Jyn Erso to go on her mission?
  • Is it possible to be a ‘moral’ person during war?
  • Is there ever a situation where we would need to sin in order to ‘do the right thing?’

Return to a larger group and read Hebrews 11:32-40 together (it would be beneficial to explore the context of the passage first, and if you have more time, to read all of Hebrews 11). After reading the passage, return to small groups to explore the following questions:

  • Who has been a positive example in your journey of exploring Christianity? What makes them a positive influence?
  • What do you think is the ‘something better’ that God has planned for those who suffer?
  • Why would God allow suffering such as described in the passage to be experienced by people who follow him?
  • Do modern Western Christians take their faith less seriously because they don’t ‘suffer’ in the same way that the Christians in the passage were persecuted?

Rogue one is another superb addition to the Star wars universe and a worthwhile watch for new and old fans alike. If you’ve got the time, why not watch the whole film to enjoy the selected clip in context?