You will need: a large cork board or a large piece of cardboard; pins; coloured wool; coloured ribbon; scissors

One of the key pieces of equipment the fishermen in this story use is their net. This craft allows children to construct a group net and to decorate it while thinking of those they would ‘fish’ for.

Push in pins at regular intervals along each edge of the board or piece of cardboard you are using. Then ask the children to wrap strands of wool around and between them to form a ‘net’. This may look incredibly messy, but that’s all part of the fun! Next, tie coloured ribbon to the net you have created to represent people the children love, and people in their lives who don’t yet know much about Jesus. Alternatively, draw people shapes on pieces of paper, punch a hole in them and use string to tie them to the net. Use the creation time to think about what it means to ‘fish’ for people.

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