Claire Hailwood is happy to leave her children watching the series and even joins in herself


The Series: Paw Patrol

Rating: U

Other connected films/TV series 10 series with two feature films released in 2021 and 2023.

Running time, or each episode length 10mins each episode

Genre Animation

Overview. A young boy called Ryder leads a crew of dogs who call themselves the ‘Paw Patrol’, each with a specific skill set based on a member of the emergency services, who work together to help anyone in trouble in Adventure Bay.

What you liked

The familiar framework for each episode means it’s comforting and predictable for the viewer and reassuring for adults and children alike (without it being too tedious for grown ups!).

Each character has their own quirks and skills, with a chance for favourites to develop in the audience. At the heart of the crew is a desire to help and work as a team. They encourage one another and are led by a boy genius who empowers the team to play to their strengths.

As a team they never give up even when their well laid plans inevitably fail (every episode!)

There are ‘baddies’ but they’re not scary, just flawed humans (primarily one called Mayor Humdinger) who make wrong choices. Any consequences are natural rather than unkind – when they mess up Mayor Goodway’s flowerbed, the consequence when discovered is they have to clear up their mess.

There’s nothing scary in any of the TV series episodes even for the more sensitive of little people. In my view it’s pitched just right to be exciting with the possibility of ‘peril’ whilst being something they can watch alone without concern for the adult.

What you didn’t like

There is a mix of male and females on the crew but there are more males, and I’d love to have seen a balance of both – boys and girls playing their part in the emergency services, particularly as Ryder, the leader of the crew is male.

I personally find the character and voice of Skye a little grating (and anecdotally so do some of my grown up friends!) which adds to my desire for there to be a gender balance in the crew!

As the franchise grows and storylines are more exhausted, the crew develops magic powers and become the ‘mighty pups’. These are more exciting adventures but there are a few occasions when the littlest in my crew has been scared.

In Adventure Bay where most of the action is set there isn’t much diversity – it would be great to see more non white faces represented and perhaps those with physical differences too.

Thoughts for parents:

I’m a mum to 4 children from 5 to 16 (so I’ve been watching Paw Patrol for over a decade now!)

As you watch there is lots to comment on for some informal education moments. There are lots of things to like – the relationship between them, the encouragement and perseverance they demonstrate, the fun they have together, the way they follow Ryder and one another’s lead.

There is a lovely relationship between the crew – there isn’t some of the sass you see in other animated characters or unhelpful attitudes – even the ‘baddie’ is likeable if flawed.

The crew has different skills, likes and dislikes – Marshall is clumsy and others support him with it and they laugh about it together sometimes, one loves being in water whilst the other hates it and they encourage them when it comes to bath day. They are different and supportive of one another in that.

4 stars