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Bible passage: Isaiah 6:1-8

Background: This was essentially a vision Isaiah had. Whether it actually happened (either on Earth or in heaven) doesn’t really matter. The point is that God loves to use our senses, which he created, to communicate important things to us. It was a massive moment for Isaiah when he was commissioned.

That principle is also important for each of us individually. Encourage the group that God has a big imagination and that it is OK to dream big. Isaiah was a humble man who desired only to be a servant of God, yet it is OK for us to think outside the box, and to have dramatic visions and exciting ideas of what we could do for God. 



5 minutes

Welcome the young people to the group and share out any refreshments you have. Chat together about what has happened this week, then ask if anyone has experienced anything out of the ordinary recently.



10 minutes

You will need: a large packet of Maltesers

Give everyone two or three Maltesers and challenge them to balance one on a bed of air by tilting their head back and blowing a long, consistent breath. Ask if anyone knows any magic tricks and give each person space to show it off. What other party pieces do they have? Have a laugh together and try to encourage everyone to share at least one thing.



15 minutes

You will need: anything you can access to create a dramatic atmosphere (see below for ideas)

Read the passage and ask the group what sort of gathering this was. What was the aim and what would it have felt like to be there? Encourage them to imagine what a celebration in heaven might be like. Using what you have provided, they should create an environment they would enjoy. Give them some options so they can create an atmosphere of their choosing:

Music: Have a choice of dance music, worship music or other appropriate music for them to choose from. If they are musical you could use a guitar or keyboard to create a simple background and get them to sing “Holy” over and over in harmonies. Have a selection of instruments they could play.

Lights: Make the room dark and use a projector or spotlight to focus on the ‘stage’ area. You could use coloured films in front of the light to change the mood.

Smoke: If you have a smoke or bubble machine you could introduce that to the mix.

Images: Grab a few images from Google for them to choose from. Project these onto the back wall or create a short loop of images or a video clip.

Creating an exciting atmosphere is the ultimate aim, but it would make sense to read the passage a few times over the top of whatever they have put together.



5 minutes

Use these questions to explore the Bible passage further. Make sure everyone who wants to gets the chance to participate:

  • What kind of events grab our attention? How do they evoke wonder, excitement and emotion in us?
  • How is God dramatic and spectacular in a similar way?
  • If you were Isaiah, what would you be thinking about your new commission?
  • How did Isaiah react to this vision of God’s holiness? Would your reaction be the same?

If you could dream up a vision of a commissioning spectacle on such a scale for yourself, what would it involve?



10 minutes

You will need: music; comfortable space (eg one with beanbags, rugs and cushions)

Ask the group to close their eyes and let their imaginations run wild. Run through a very simple meditation:

Picture yourselves standing before God in heaven as Isaiah did. Use all your ideas and creativity from earlier to imagine what an incredible place it is visually.

God touches your lips with hot coals. What does he say to you? He goes on to say you are forgiven, holy and chosen to go out into the world, serve him and speak his words. What are those words? How does that make you feel?

The Holy Spirit is already out in the world, keeping busy. What is he doing? How is he trying to heal and reach the world?

The angels pick you up and fly you somewhere in the world to represent God and take his message. Where do they take you? What do they look like?

All of heaven’s resources are at your disposal. God tells you to make a huge demonstration of his power and love so the world will turn back to him. Where do you go and what miracles do you do? What injustice and hurt do you address in the world? Who do you preach to, and how?

How does it feel to have God commission you to become his ambassador? How does it feel to have a mission for him? Do you have a greater sense of what God is doing in your local area and the communities you are a part of? If you could just get on with it unhindered, how would you join in with what God is doing in your friendship group, school, community or city?



5 minutes

You will need: pens and paper

Imagine that 100 years from now all of this has been successful. Earth is becoming a bit more like the way God designed it to be. God’s plans have been fruitful, and the world has started changing dramatically, including the economy, political climate, Church, TV and music, and the environment. What does it look like now people are turning back to God and the Earth is being redeemed, both physically and spiritually? Write it down as a poetic and inspirational vision, describing what you can see. Share these visions with the group and pray together that they may come to be.

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