Our children have grown up with the knowledge that they are inheriting a world suffering the impact of climate change. They are the most globally connected generation to ever walk the earth. They’ve been taught about these issues in school and can see the huge impact it is having around the world at a click of a button. The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was a moment like no other, as 195 countries agreed to respond to the devastating effects of climate change by working together to reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming to two degrees. This was a momentous day in our history. A celebration. The start of a new future.

The US President’s decision to withdraw from this agreement is as disappointing as it is disturbing. Why does it matter? At Tearfund we have learned that if we want to see an end to poverty, we have no choice but to deal with climate change.

Sylvia lives in Malawi with her family; 30 years ago this was a flourishing land but because of the changing climate, weather patterns are different now. Crops are hard to grow when the rains are unpredictable, there isn’t enough food and Sylvia describes her life as “just a matter of surviving”. This same story is repeated in countries and communities all around the world.

Climate change is not fair. The wealthiest nations in the world contribute most to climate change through the way we travel, heat our homes and put food on our tables, but the poorest communities in the world suffer the worst consequences.

But, there is hope for the future. Green electricity is more available than ever before, recycling has become normal and the movement to tackle food waste has gained momentum. We will not let our appetite to fight climate change be dimmed by Donald Trump’s decision.

What can our youth and children’s groups do? We believe that Jesus came to bring life in fullness to everyone. Be the recycling champions of your communities; write to or tweet MPs with creative ways to tell them you care - they’re listening intently right now. Find out more on page 66 about how your church building can make a difference by switching to clean electricity. Ensure poor communities have the resilience to face new challenges and help them to stand on their own feet by fundraising for charities like Tearfund who are working in areas affected by a changing climate.

Donald Trump has made his decision. Let us be resolute in ours. We will fight poverty and tackle climate change by demonstrating that our churches care about our global neighbours and creation.