Saul reckoned that Jesus’ disciples Were telling a pack of lies, Saying that Jesus, who died on the cross, Was now somehow back, alive.

So Saul got official permission To go to Damascus town, Arrest all of Jesus’ followers, And bring their new movement down.

But there, on the road, something happened. A heavenly light shone around. Bright as the sun, it blinded Saul. He fell like a stone to the ground.

Then Saul heard a voice from heaven, A voice that called out his name. “Why are you keen to persecute me?” The voice asked him, simple and plain.

“Who are you, Lord?” Saul said, trembling. “I’m Jesus,” the voice answered true. “Now carry on to Damascus, And you will be shown what to do.”

But all Saul’s companions were puzzled. They heard the same voice that Saul heard, But they couldn’t see who was speaking And stood still without saying a word.

They led their blind friend to Damascus. They stayed with him three long days. With nothing to eat and nothing to drink, Saul silently waited and prayed.

He saw, in a dream, Ananias, A disciple of Jesus, kind, Praying and laying hands on his head So he was no longer blind.

About that same time, Ananias Saw a vision of Jesus, who said: “In Straight Street, you’ll meet Saul of Tarsus. Lay your hands, please, upon his head.”

“Not that Saul!” exclaimed Ananias. “He’s surely your enemy, Lord! He’s here on a mission to put us in prison. At least that is what I have heard.”

“He’s my chosen man,” answered Jesus. “There’s a job that I want Saul to do. To tell the whole world about me, Gentiles, as well as Jews.”

“And so off you go, Ananias.” So off Ananias went. “I’m here at God’s call,” he said to blind Saul, “And this is why I have been sent:

“To bring back your sight is one reason I lay both my hands on your head. And to fill you with God’s Holy Spirit, as well,” Is what Ananias said.

Something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, And then, just like that, he could see. And when Ananias had baptised him, Saul asked him for something to eat.

Then Saul went a different direction. In fact, he was never the same. He followed God’s call, then called himself Paul. New mission, new life, new name! .