“That’s it!” yelled Morgan. She threw down her guitar, marched over to James and shouted in his face.

“One bass solo in the whole set! That’s all you had to do. And you mess it up every time!”

James was so stunned he didn’t know what to say.

“You’re a terrible bass player,” she looked around at the rest of the band. “In fact, you’re all rubbish. I’ve tried to carry you, but enough’s enough! I’m going solo. We’re selling all the equipment, I’m taking my share of the money and I’m off.”

She stormed out of Dave’s parents’ garage. Dave, James and Sabiya stared at each other.

“What just happened?” they wondered.

Morgan checked her bank account. It had looked so healthy when she’d received her share of the money from the band equipment sale. But now there was barely anything left. She’d blown it all going to parties, trying to attract the attention of musicians and record label reps.

At the start, she’d had a bit of success. Well, when she’d flashed the cash around that is. She’d had loads of friends then, all promising to get her a meeting with this exec or that agent. But they’d only been interested in what she would buy them, and none of the meetings had come about.

So here she was with nothing left. In the window of the local newsagent’s she saw a card:

“Guitarist wanted for children’s party band.”

It was the fifth time that day Morgan had played ‘Let it go’.

“I can’t keep playing this trash,” she thought. “The old band used to play much more exciting stuff than this, and we used to make more money. Even if James always messed up his solo.”

After the Frozen party had finished, she handed in her resignation and walked back to Dave’s house. The garage door was open when she walked up the driveway, and the band was just setting up. Before she knew what was happening, James ran up and gave her a massive hug.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come back!”


  • What do you think of Morgan’s actions?
  • Why do you think James acted the way he did?
  • If you were one of the other band members and you saw Morgan, what would you think?
  • Has anyone forgiven you for any hurtful stuff you’ve said or done? Or have you forgiven others? If so, why?

Read these verses with the group and compare it with the story. Discuss what Jesus might be trying to teach his listeners (and us) through it.