It was lunchtime and Harry was starving. His dad had given him a packed lunch, but he didn’t fancy it. What he really wanted was a burger. A massive, juicy burger. He strolled into the school canteen and checked out what was on the menu. And there it was, just underneath ‘halloumi and rocket salad’ (urgh, who eats that stuff?):

Quarter-pounder with the works.
He pulled out his swipe card but hesitated for a moment. If he used up the money on his card he wouldn’t be able to get any chocolate cake later. And if there was one thing Harry liked more than burgers it was chocolate cake.

He wondered what to do. He could just eat his packed lunch. He knew it would be tasty. His dad was a handy chef, especially when it came to sandwiches. But that burger…

Glancing around, he noticed Kyle coming away from the pay point with a tray. And on that tray he had the best burger Harry had ever seen. (Well, maybe not ever, but Harry was pretty hungry.)

“Hey, Kyle!” shouted Harry. “I’ll do you a swap. My packed lunch for that burger.”

Kyle looked unsure. “I don’t really want any sandwiches, thanks.”

“Oh, come on, you get free meals. It’s not like that burger cost you anything.”

“I know, but still…I’m all right.” Kyle turned to go.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be tight! Gimme the burger!”

There was a tussle and Harry lunged for the tray. He grabbed the plate, sending Kyle careering onto the floor. The tray hit his head with a clunk. Harry sat down at the nearest table and sank his teeth into the burger. Heavens!

Suddenly, Harry felt someone sit down next to him. It wasn’t Kyle; it was Gary, the school chaplain.

“Harry, let me tell you a story about a rich man who takes a poor man’s sheep.”

“What are you talking about?”


  • Is there anything you really want at the moment? What would you do to get it?
  • What do you think of Harry’s actions in the story?
  • What would you do if you were Kyle?
  • What consequences do you think Harry should face?
  • Do you know anyone who acts like Harry in your own life? Or in the world in general? What do you think God might want to say to those people?

Discuss what the prophet Nathan might have been saying through the story, encouraging the young people to think about it in a new way.