No matter what our age, family situation or circumstances, we all need people who are there for us. This song speaks directly to that need, promising to be there during the difficult times of life. The truth is, no matter how hard we try, human relationships don’t always hit the mark and we sometimes find ourselves feeling very alone. God’s promise to be there for us will never let us down. This session explores how we can trust in his promise and know that we are never alone.


Begin the session with a discussion, putting a large piece of paper in the middle of the group and providing marker pens for the children to write, draw or doodle their contributions to the question: “Who is there for you?” As you gather together their responses, ask them how these people show they are there for them. In what different ways do these people care for or support them?

Play ‘I’ll be there’ and discuss the following questions:

  • How does the singer demonstrate that she is there for the person she is singing to?
  • When might we need to turn to someone for help?
  • How can we be the person who is there for our friends?

Remind the group that no matter how hard we try, there are times when we let each other down. Perhaps we are distracted or unavailable. There may well be times when we feel as though no one is there for us in the moment we need it most.

Take a look back at the list you created at the start of the session. The people we listed have promised to be there for us, but there are still times when we can feel alone. What do we do then?

Look together at Hebrews 13:5b-6, where are we reminded of God’s promise that he will never leave us. Ask the group:

  • How do we know that God is always there for us?
  • How do we call out to him when we need his support?

Share an example of a time when you have been able to call out to God, perhaps when you were feeling alone, and invite the children to share their own experiences or to ask you questions about this.

Provide a copy of the Bible verses for each child to take away with them, perhaps written out on a small card they can decorate. Talk about where they can put it as a reminder that God is with them and will always be there for them, even when they don’t feel supported by their friends and family members.

Pray for the children as you draw the session to a close, reminding them that God is with them throughout the week. Whatever situations they may face they are not alone.