This track will resonate with children everywhere, because who doesn’t want to get out of school and have fun? This session explores what it means to have fun and how God wants us to live life to the full, in a way that goes far beyond a Happy Meal and a sundae!

Begin the session with a celebratory ‘fun’ feel, with a party-style atmosphere, perhaps decorating the room with balloons and streamers, and providing appropriate refreshments. As you gather together, play some of the group’s favourite just-for-fun icebreaker games to ensure that you begin on a positive note.

Gather the group together and invite everyone in the group to talk about what they like to do for fun. They could share a little of what they like to do when they have the freedom to choose, or share some of their most ‘fun’ memories of their time in this group, or perhaps from the last few months at school or at home. 

Ask the children why they think it is so important to have fun and why we all want to have it as you introduce the track.


Play the track, providing copies of the lyrics, if appropriate, for the children to follow.

Explain to the children that some people have a picture of God as a grumpy old man or a killjoy, always telling people what they can’t do, and making difficult rules to spoil everyone’s fun. Some people think that it must be boring to be a Christian and that you can’t join in with any fun stuff, but it really isn’t like that.

Provide Bibles and ask someone to read John 10:10. Explain that Jesus didn’t come to spoil our lifestyles, he came to give us the very best life possible. God created the world for us to enjoy together with him. He has the plans drawn up for the best way to live. 

Provide a space where you can address any questions raised from this passage and explore what it means to live life to the full. Help the children understand the wider picture. Life in all its fullness is not just about having fun, it’s about living life in the best way possible, and that carries responsibilities. Be clear that God loves us and, because of that, he wants the best for us and he wants us to enjoy living in a relationship with him.

As you draw the session to a close, pray together with the children and celebrate, perhaps by popping party poppers, as you give thanks for all God has given us, celebrating the wonderful life he has created for us all.