Embrace is back this year for its third and biggest year. Guests include Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, Franciscan Sisters, Friars of the Renewal and Mary’s Meals. The day will include talks, workshops, worship and prayer all culminating in the celebration of Mass.

Embrace is a one-day Catholic youth conference for school years 9 plus. The Archbishop for Liverpool, Malcom McMahon celebrated Embrace. He said: “The vitality and energy that Embrace brings to the Church in Liverpool and beyond is something we should all want to share in, something that we can all share in, something that we are called to share in.”

Embrace started with John Griffin whilst he was studying theatre performance technology at LIPA University (The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts). In his final year he found he was called by God to see the beautiful modern building of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral used for young people to worship. He got in touch with the cathedral and, after a few meetings, they were on board.

At first, they thought it would be a smaller event but in the first year it attracted 1,000 young people. They hope to keep building on this success in this third event.

The team are keen to see young people encounter Jesus Christ for themselves. If you want this for your young people, follow the link here.

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