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You will need: eight cups of plain flour; one cup of oil; sparkly foam shapes; big beads; big buttons; small pompoms; a large container

In the story, the merchant searches for a very particular pearl or treasure. This craft is especially good for helping very young children connect with the searching theme.

To make the moon sand, mix the flour with the oil. It will not become a dough, but the flour will become mouldable and will easily crumble again when you need to mould it into something else.

Mix the shapes, buttons, beads and pompoms into the moon sand. Let the children search through the sand to find the ‘treasure’. As well as being a searching activity this is a great sensory experience that even adults will be drawn to!



You will need: picture frames (if you don’t have picture frames, cardboard frames will work just as well); a collection of loose parts (eg stones, shells, buttons, lolly sticks, feathers, fabric scraps)

Describing what the kingdom of God is like is a key element of the parable of the pearl. This is a very easy but illuminating craft to help children express what they think the kingdom is like.

Give each child a frame and ask them to use the loose parts to make a picture of the kingdom of God. This can be based on their own imaginations and on what they already know about God. As they create, let the children share their ideas. What kind of place must it be if it’s worth giving up everything for? Prepare to be completely astounded by what they come up with!



You will need: plain biscuits; icing sugar; water; various cake sprinkles (brightly coloured ones are great for this activity); cupcake cases; fondant icing shaped into small ‘pearls’

The merchant in the story searches until he finds the amazing pearl. This craft is an edible way to think about the treasure he finds.

Mix the icing sugar and water to make a spreadable icing. Take a biscuit and cover it with icing, then add sprinkles to make the icing look bright and ‘treasure-like’. Top the biscuit with a fondant pearl and cover the whole thing with a cupcake case so the decoration is completely hidden.

When everyone is ready to eat their biscuits, take away the cupcake cases to reveal the hidden treasure, like the treasure that the merchant has to search for before he finds it. As you eat the biscuits, think about their sweetness and talk about the good things you might find in the kingdom of heaven.



You will need: foil; sequins; pipe cleaners; lolly sticks; PVA glue and spreaders; sticky tape; feathers; paper; scissors; card; pens

The kingdom of God is an amazing treasure that is worth everything the merchant owns. What is treasure? How do we know if something is worth giving everything for? This craft helps children explore the theme of treasure.

Ask children to use anything that has been provided so they can make a ‘treasure’. Use the time they spend creating to chat with them about a place that is like treasure: the kingdom of God, which is so amazing it is worth giving up everything else for. What do they think about the merchant’s actions in the story? Is there anything that is so special they would give away everything they have to get it?

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