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You will need: ribbon; hole punch; cardboard boxes; scissors; magazines and newspapers

There is a real theme of journeying in this story. First Philip is sent by an angel to find the Ethiopian, who is travelling. Later, Philip is sent (quite supernaturally) by the Spirit of the Lord to Azotus, where he preaches the gospel.

Take a piece of cardboard and draw around a foot. Cut the shape out and punch two holes in each side. Thread some ribbon through the holes to make a sandal you can tie to your foot. Use the magazines and newspapers to cut out letters. Use the letters to make words that describe Jesus and what it means to be a disciple, then stick them onto the sandal.

As you are creating, use the time to chat about the journey Philip takes and what he might be saying as he spreads the gospel and explains Jesus to the people he meets.



You will need: cardboard; collage materials such as fabric, pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, foil, straws or buttons; scissors; sticky tape; paper; glue

First an angel sends Philip to meet the Ethiopian, then later, the Spirit of the Lord transports Philip to another place to preach the gospel. With this craft, children can explore and imagine what they think the angel or the Spirit might look like. Give children free rein to use the materials provided to create a model or picture of an angel or the Spirit.

Give them a chance to share what they have made and to explain why they have chosen the different colours and materials to show what they imagined. 



You will need: water-soluble felt-tip pens; water in a spray bottle; coffee filters; a waterproof surface such as a plastic tray

Philip baptises the Ethiopian, so it would be remiss not to have a water craft when exploring this story! This craft helps children think about the way in which water changes and gives things new life.

Use the felt-tip pens to colour the coffee filters. Choose patterns or colour randomly, but use several colours and try to leave a few blank spaces so the ink has room to spread and fill. Put the coloured coffee filter onto your tray and spray it with the water until it is saturated. The ink will start to spread and mix with other colours on the filter. Leave to dry.

Use this to start a discussion about how baptism gives our spiritual lives a new start, just as the water changes and makes something new out of the coloured coffee filter.



You will need: various colours of paint; paper; paintbrushes

The Ethiopian asks Philip to explain the words he is reading in the scriptures. This craft helps explore the idea of a whole picture being revealed where once only some was seen, in the same way the truth of the words in the scriptures are explained to the Ethiopian so he can fully understand who Jesus is.

Fold a piece of paper in half and open it up again. On one side of the opened paper paint half a picture. Go right up to the fold mark down the centre. While the paint is still wet, fold the painted half over the blank half and press down lightly. Open the paper up again and there will be a symmetrical ‘complete’ picture covering the whole page.

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