Mark Oestreicher

Mark Oestreicher

Mark Oestreicher is a veteran youth worker who resides in California, USA and is a partner in The Youth Cartel, which provides resources, training, and coaching for church youth workers,He is the author of many books for youth workers, parents, and teenagers. Twitter: @markosbeard.

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    4 mindsets for 'staying put'


    Mark Oestreicher suggests that a long youth ministry at the same place could be absolutely the right thing to do

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    Who are you and what do you do?


    Mark Oestreicher suggests answering some key questions will help your own understanding, as well as those you serve

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    Fired for my choice of car! Why expectations can be killers


    In his early years as a youthworker, Mark Oestreicher learned a lesson that has stayed with him, and coloured every hiring conversation he has ever had.

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    ​Why asking for help is not the sign of weakness we think it is and how do it more


    I’m an American, and we sure do love our self-sufficiency. But we’re not alone in this reality. In the world of leadership, self-sufficiency is seen as a sign of strength (and sadly, ministry leadership is not an exception to this).

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    What’s your ministry’s Achilles heel?


    Mark my words

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    Presence in youth ministry


    It can be easy to be always on the lookout for the next big thing in youth ministry, so we can get on board and be relevant and up to date and on trend. Our regular contributor and youth-work expert, Mark Oestreicher, takes us through his thinking about the future trend of youth ministry, and it’s not what you might think.

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    Baby sea turtles


    Legendary youth worker, Mark Oestreicher shares the wisdom he’s picked up from decades working with young people. 

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    The ministry of fun


    Let’s talk about fun. It’s pretty much impossible to stay in youth ministry for more than a few weeks without at least some willingness to have fun. Even the most serious and Bible-focused youth leader needs to add fun as a value.