This Mental Health Awareness Week, it's important to talk about emotions. God's made us in his image, and so one of those things is that we have feelings and thoughts. Especially during a period like lockdown, where our bodies are very much trapped, we need to exercise the other parts of who we are. Lots of people have used the the blob images to to express who they are and to release themselves, and during a period like the awareness week, we need to help children to do this. 

These images are to give people a starting point. There will often be angry or sad blobs, and often in our society, we don't allow the anger to be talked about. We try and push that thing away. But in lockdown, slamming the door isn't very helpful. Talking about how we're feeling why we're feeling angry, and how we can cope with that, is really, really important.

Why not use these images as a starting point with your children?

Ian long is an illustrator and visualiser for the Blob Tree resources.