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Why not delve deeper into the Word this year and strengthen your faith in Jesus?

· Do you have a desire to study and understand the Word better?

· Want to cement the foundation of your faith?

· Need to get some discipline into your life?

· Simply too busy for a full-time course?

Look no further, Kingdom Keys Learning is the online platform of Kingdom Keys a Bible based Christian ministry that delivers online and in person courses and seminars, designed to teach and equip people to study and live according to the Word of God.

Discover for yourself what God’s Word teaches and explore subjects that other ministries don’t cover with the Foundational Truths Course.

· Study at your own pace and in your own time.

· Easy to understand video teaching

· Simple self-marking assignments

· Downloadable lesson notes to keep as a handy resource

· Certificate on completion

The Foundational Truths Course provides a solid Biblical grounding for new believers and those who want to know more about the Christian faith. It also provides a deeper understanding for mature believers, cementing any gaps or cracks that may have appeared over the years. It provides tutor support if requested and an opportunity to ask those basic questions that you’ve always been too embarrassed to ask.

Foundational Truths Course tackles subjects that many churches avoid. Get to grips with basic doctrine such as: Can a Christian lose their salvation? Why won’t some churches baptise children? Should all believers speak in tongues? Can a Christian have a demon? What is Inner Healing? Must a Christian tithe? To view the four Module curriculum, visit: Foundational Truths Curriculum

Delve deeper, learn how to be equipped and empowered through Holy Spirit baptism. Learn how to stand on the Word and personally apply it in times of trial.

Discover your God given gifts and calling. Make a difference in this world!

We believe it’s important to always check whatever you hear being taught and preached is in alignment with the Word of God, so we encourage you to do so and show you how in this course. Instead of being held back by your past, you’ll learn how to be set free and go deeper in your faith. Ultimately, by the time you finish Foundational Truths, you will be better informed, better equipped and more confident as a servant and soldier of Jesus Christ.

You will …

✔️ Have cemented any gaps in the foundations of your faith

✔️ Be set free from hindrances of the past

✔️ Be led by Holy Spirit

✔️ Be able to engage in the spiritual battle and stand firm in times of trial

✔️ Be confident in using your spiritual gifts

✔️ And so much more…

To mark our 30th Anniversary as a discipleship training ministry we have a special offer to help strengthen your faith in Jesus. Don’t delay enroll today here

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