Exploring the beginnings of the world and God’s promise to Abraham

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This September, we’re starting a new academic year right at the beginning of the Bible, exploring the beginnings of God’s beautiful world and how he made a promise with Abraham.


RTU All-age service

Explores the story of creation (Genesis 1:1-2:4).


RTU Parable

Takes the story of Noah (Genesis 6-8) and transposes it to an all-weather pitch in the parable ‘Nitesh and the netball nightmare’.


RTU Journal

Gives space for older children and younger teens to explore the story of creation (Genesis 1:1-2:4) and discover the impact of this world-starting event on their lives.


RTU Craft

Provides a craft idea to go alongside each of this month’s Together sessions. Use them in your groups, in intergenerational worship or use them in a craft club.

The Story for home

Written especially for us by expert storyteller Bob Hartman, also follows the Together passages. This month, Bob helps children to think about the promises God made to Abraham in Genesis 12 and 15.


RTU Games

Start your term with a bang with one of two great up-front challenge games!

RTU Mentoring

Our mentoring expert, Joel Toombs, uses the analogy of roundabouts and dead ends to talk about reverses that young people face and how they can react to them.

RTU Music

We’ve put the needle on the record and are ready to listen to another mighty track, ‘Break my soul’ by Beyoncé.

RTU Movie

We venture into the world of ‘movie-adjacent TV’ this month. That is TV series that are produced with the same values as movies. We start with Ms Marvel.




Supporting documents

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