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You will need: paper; pens; laptop; internet access; projector and screen

Go to and select single player mode. (You can select different maps or choose to play across the whole world!)

Split into smaller groups and give each a sheet of paper and a pen. They will get five locations to look at (taken from Google Maps). Show the first location and ask each group to write down where they think it is. You can move the map around to give the teams a better idea of where it might be. Once everyone has made a decision, they can make a guess on the onscreen map. When the answer is revealed, the team closest to the correct answer earns a point. The team with the most points at the end of the five rounds wins.


You will need: plastic cups; clear jugs; permanent markers

Put everyone in smaller teams and give each person a cup of water. Line the teams up on one side of the room. On the other side of the room place jugs for each team with a marked target each team needs to reach up to (these must be equal). Each person will only have one cup of water. They will take the largest sip they can, run to the other side of the room and spit their water into the jug. The team with the most water in their jug wins. Each person only has one sip of water for the duration of the game.


You will need: blindfolds; packets of coloured sweets (such as Skittles); bowls

Split the group into teams and give each team a bowl filled with coloured sweets. Blindfold one player and sit them next to the bowl. Gather the rest of the team around the bowl. Allocate each team a specific colour. The rest of the team should shout out instructions to their blindfolded searcher to help them get as many sweets of your team’s colour out in 30 seconds. The team to get the most out wins.


You will need: sponge balls; blindfolds; cones, masking tape or chalk

Use the cones, masking tape or chalk to mark out a grid pattern on the floor of your space.

Split into two teams and choose one person from each team to be blindfolded. Stand all the players (including the blindfolded ones) in the squares marked on the floor. Give the blindfolded players the sponge balls and instruct them to try to hit players on the opposing team. If a player is hit, they drop out of the game. Each player must stand still in their square, even if they see the ball coming towards them.

At the end of a given time limit, the team with the most players left standing is the winner. If you think the game will take too long, have two blindfolded throwers per team. Alternatively, you could play individually with the last person standing winning the game.


You will need: chairs; pens; slips of paper

This game works best with around ten or twelve players. Set out a circle of chairs with one more chair than the number of players. Designate three chairs as the ‘sofa’ (or if you have a sofa, use that!).

Split the group into two equal teams and sit them down in the chairs, leaving one of the three sofa chairs vacant. Everyone takes a slip of paper, writes their name on it and folds it up. Collect up the names, then give them out again randomly. Players now become the name on the paper.

The idea is to get three people from your team onto the sofa. The person with the empty chair on their left calls out a name. The person with that name on their piece of paper moves to sit in the empty chair and swaps papers with the one who called their name. Teammates cannot give hints as to what name someone should say, nor can you call out the name that has just been called. It’s a good test of memory! The game continues until one team has moved all their players onto the sofa.

Written by the youth and children’s teams at Holy Trinity Brompton.

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