Matt Redman looking to encourage a generation of worship leaders


Christian singer songwriter Matt Redman is launching a series of seminars, aimed at equipping the next generation of worship leaders.

The collection of one-day events intriguingly titled ‘WOR/TH’ – is a combination of two words: Worship and Theology.

Tickets went on general sale this week for the inaugural event, which will take place in Washington D.C. on 25th October at the Museum of The Bible. 

Redman grew up near Watford in the UK, and became a Christian at the age of 10.  He now lives in California with his wife and children.  He has released 16 albums, written eight books, and has won two Grammy Awards for his song “10,000 Reasons”.  He learned the guitar while attending his local parish church, St Andrew’s Chorleywood. 

As a teenager he was encouraged to lead worship by his then youth leader, Mike Pilavachi.  Together they went on to launch the popular Christian youth festival Soul Survivor, and also planted a youth-focussed church of the same name, where Matt led worship for eight years.  He expressed support for victims and survivors of abuse earlier this year when Pilavachi became the subject of an extensive safeguarding investigation involving Soul Survivor.  Redman recently opened up about the fact that he was one of the contributors to the investigation, and that he had taken “a long time to heal” from his time at the church.  Mike Pilavachi has now resigned from the ministry. 

The ‘WOR/TH’ kickoff event will feature other leading Christian musicians such as Pat Barrett, writer of  “Good Good Father” and Jason Ingram who penned “King of Kings,” and “Great Are You Lord”.  The day will consist of teaching in the art of songwriting, and author and theologian W. David O. Taylor, Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary and a leading academic mind in the area of worship theology will be teaching alongside the musicians.

Redman says: “WOR/TH is a series of gatherings pursuing healthy, honouring, and helpful theology in our worship music.”

“Worship music has taken some ground when it comes to relevance, production levels, and creativity,” Matt Redman shares. “But when we look at the lyrical content of our songs, and in particular the weightiness of what we’re saying, I’m not sure we measure up quite as well.” 

He adds, “I think this is the most crucial battle right now in worship music. We simply can’t allow the glory of Jesus to be diluted down in our songs - we’ve got to fight for something purer, and deeper. When we get it right - writing and choosing songs that are biblical, poetic, and relevant - the truth of what we sing will have such a transformative effect on the singing Church.” He’s hoping to attract worship leaders and musicians who share the same passion. 

Held in the state-of-the-art theatre inside the Museum of the Bible, tickets will also include entry to the museum itself, with its technologically advanced exhibits and rare artefacts spanning 4,000 years of Biblical history. 

Redman adds, “The opportunity also to explore the uniquely inspiring environment of the Museum, I’m beyond excited for these events and really hope they can be a reckoning force for the glory of our God.”

The series is being presented in partnership with Integrity Music and Transparent Productions, who say that further dates will be announced for the new year with events planned in the USA and abroad.