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Stand everyone in a circle. The aim of the game is not to laugh (which is easier said than done!). Each person takes it in turn to moo loudly to the person next to them. They are allowed to do anything to make their neighbour laugh. The only rule is that there can be no physical contact. If you laugh, you’re out! The final two have a grand ‘Moo-off’, in which they stand facing each other and moo at the same time. The last person to laugh wins. This is a simple, yet hilarious game to play on any occasion.


You will need: an array of food items (eg custard, rice pudding, chopped tomatoes); chairs; blindfolds; cover-up and clean-up equipment

This game calls for at least two volunteers who don’t mind getting their feet messy! Sit them on the chairs, ask them to remove their shoes and socks, and blindfold them. One other person in their team has to pour the food items over their feet one at a time (the more items you have, the more rounds you can play). It is up to the blindfolded volunteer to guess what is being poured on their feet! This game is certainly fun, but requires a space that is easy to clean up.


You will need: small beanbags or similar in different colours, one colour for each team; chalk or masking tape

Before the session, mark out a large grid on the floor of your space measuring three squares by three squares. Split the group into two teams and give each person a beanbag (or whatever you are going to use as markers).

The aim of the game is to be the first team to get three beanbags in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Line up the teams on the opposite side of the room to the grid. With both teams running at once, the players have to take it in turns to run across the room to the grid. Once there, they can either place a beanbag in one of the squares or move one of their team’s beanbags to another square on the grid. They then go back to their team and the next player takes their turn.

The winning team is the one that manages to get three in a row. This is a fast-paced game, and you’ll need to oversee it carefully to keep everyone safe and avoid cheating!


You will need: lots of chairs (one less than the number of players)

Place the chairs in a circle, turn on some music and ask everybody move around the chairs. Randomly stop the music and shout out a body part (for example: “Elbow!”). Instead of just sitting on a chair when the music stops, each person has to touch the chair with the body part you’ve shouted out. The person with no chair to touch is out! After each round remove a chair, just like in the normal game. This is a fun, somewhat silly game that is great for all ages.

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