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You will need: transparent bottles with tops; glitter; buttons; water; baby oil; food colouring; Lego pieces; mini pompoms; sequins; superglue; vegetable oil

While inside the big fish, Jonah had time to think about himself and God. These bottles are especially good at helping children sit back and reflect by focusing on what they see going on inside.

Fill the bottles with a mixture of the listed items, eg half coloured water and half vegetable oil; baby oil and mini pom poms; baby oil, sequins and glitter; water and glitter; baby oil, buttons and sequins. Add a little superglue to the inside of the bottle top and screw it securely onto the bottle. When all the bottles have been made, shake them and watch whatever is on the inside move and settle. Children might like to use the reflective time to think about what it was like for Jonah inside the big fish.



You will need: toy cars; sticky tape; felt-tip pens; paper

Jonah’s journey to Nineveh is a long one, and he makes it even longer by trying to run in the opposite direction. This craft is particularly good for younger children as it really engages them in drawing hands-on journey routes. Take the lid off a felt-tip pen and tape it to a toy car so the tip of the pen is in line with the bottom of the car wheels. Repeat for as many toy cars as you have so that all the cars have a pen attached to them. You will probably need a lot of tape to make sure they are secure. Children can roll the cars across the paper and the pens will leave a trail or ‘map’ of where they go. Use this as a way of opening up conversations about journeys the children have gone on, especially journeys they didn’t want to make!



You will need: paper; jars with lids or large yoghurt pots with lids; paint; marbles

On his way to Tarshish, Jonah’s ship hits a stormy sea, which Jonah considers to be his fault because he is running away from God. Make your own contained storms and produce some artwork in the process.

Trim the paper so you can wrap it around the inside of your jar or yoghurt pot. Put a few small dots of different coloured paint at the bottom of the jar (less is more in this situation). Add three or four marbles and put the lid on securely. Shake the jar, and the marbles and paint will create piece of stormy artwork. Take the paper out, let it dry and admire your work!



You will need: pieces of foil (10cm x 10cm); felt-tip pens (not permanent markers); water; large dish or container

There is a significant theme of repentance and forgiveness in this story, both for Jonah and for the people of Nineveh. This craft is a visual reminder of God removing our sins from us when we say sorry.

Fill the large dish or container with water. Use the felt-tip pens to write or draw something you are sorry for on the foil. Lay the foil in the water face up, then gently push it down into the water. Watch as the felt-tip marks wash away. Use this as a starting point to talk about how the people of Nineveh might have felt when God decided to save them.  

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