We shine a light on how school children are getting to know their way around the Bible better than many church attenders



Location of HQ/Staff/workers

The UK Head office is in Frinton, Essex, but our team of trained volunteers teach the storyline of the Bible in R.E. lessons to children in years 5 and 6 in fun, interactive and memorable ways across the UK and Ireland.



Founding date

Walk Through the Bible started in churches in the 1970’s and we started teaching in schools here in the late 1990’s. We concentrate all our efforts on two teaching programmes (Old and New Testament overviews) so have been able to tweak and refine our resources, training and teaching to make our OT MINI and NT MINI lessons as effective and supportive as possible for teachers. This makes us an ideal programme for churches who are looking to make connections with their local schools. During Covid we recorded video lessons, which are still being used wherever a ‘live’ Presenter is not available. A more recent development is our Easter Resources - interactive videos recorded in the Holy Land with support materials for teachers to use to teach the events of Easter. All our printed resources have amazing artwork by Andy Robb!


WTTB school 1

We are successful when…..

We get feedback from schools such as: “The pupils loved the interactive nature of the lessons and it was great that they could all be involved. Personally, it has deeply enhanced my understanding, particularly of the chronology of the Old Testament and how stories and key figures are linked”. Ms Lane, Wolverhampton.

“The lessons are interactive, immersive and enjoyable for the children. This has enabled the children to learn without realising that they actually are. The children looked forward to their RE lessons each week. The knowledge that they have gained has cemented prior learning and is also beneficial for future RE in the classroom”. Mr Richards, Newquay


“I have learnt that even in the Old Testament no one was perfect and the Bible is full of drama, love, adventure and even more great things!” 


WTTB school 2

The Challenges

Our team of Presenters understand that their invite into schools is based on teaching - not preaching. Teachers need to be able to trust that we’re happy to teach the storyline of the Bible and stop there. No personal applications. No invite to join the local church. Fostering this relationship is a challenge at the start but is key to long term opportunities in schools.

Sometimes we have schools who would love to have a live presenter, but there is not one living near enough for them. The videos are good, but a real person is so, so much better! We want to expand our team!

Hopes for the future

  • A larger team to teach more children across the whole of the UK.
  • Development of more interactive teaching resources, such as the Life of Moses, The Parables of Jesus - and more!
  • More LIVE events in Churches, so more people get to hear of our schools work.

How you can contact us



01255 871000