A vicar in Norwich could be named the next big game designer in an international competition to find the best board game idea.

After trying to set up a games-building business in his twenties, Rev Canon Edward Canon switched to a life of ministry and sought ordination.

In recent years, he’s served at St Peter Mancroft in Norwich while continuing his passion for making board games socially.

However, after creating ‘Serengeti Sanctuary’, with his two sons’ help, he realised this project could go further than his previous puzzlers.

Last year, international puzzles and games company, Ravensburger, announced a global search for ‘The Next Big Family Game’.

Aspiring board-game designers worldwide submitted their innovative ideas to Thorsten Gimmler, head of inventor relations at Ravensburger.


Serengeti Games 1


Three finalists have been selected; Rev Canon’s competition reigns from Germany and the USA.

They also had to set up a crowd-funding project, find backers, and then produce their own batch of games.

Speaking to Premier NexGen, he describes how his faith and his love of board games are closely linked.

He said: “Obviously, in a way, they’re different - but the truth is, I really believe that God has created us to play as well as do other things. Life is full of a mixture of things, and that play is really important. That recreation, which is literally re-creation, really, day by day under God.

“I’ve given talks about games and how life-giving they are, and actually how games kind of illustrate much of what life can be like…we do have a competitive part and I believe God can use that as we emulate each other and kind of sharpen each other up to do God’s purposes.”

The competition window runs until Friday, 28th July, when the Ravensburger judges will make their decision.

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