Cassandra Maria considers whether a Beyoncé concert is OK to attend.


Christian artists working with secular artists and Christians taking part in secular events have been topics of conversation over the years and some may say is still relevant today.  It is true that there are some that support the opinion that Christians must be in every space because of our testimony and souls could be drawn to Christ, however, there are those who disagree. It is a common dilemma faced by Christian parents looking to help their children choose wisely. 

Beyoncé is no stranger to Christian critics, in 2016 she released her album Lemonade which includedg a song called  “Hold Up” with a poem as the intro where she says “I levitated in to the basement, confessed my sins and was baptized in a river. Got on my knees and said, ‘amen’ and plugged my menses with the pages from the Holy book”. The poem was written by British-Somali poet Warsan Shire and has been open to interpretation from those in and out of the Christian world since its release.

The artist however has always professed a faith in God and even made a song with ex band-mate Michelle Williams called ‘Say Yes’, the chorus being ‘when Jesus says yes nobody can say no’. Being raised in a Methodist church, Beyoncé and her former group Destiny’s Child have never hid away from their church beginnings, when they won their Artist of the Year at the billiard Awards in 2000, Beyoncé said: “we have to give all thanks and praises to God and we want to sing something to thank you God.”, they then did a rendition of ‘Amen’ live on stage.

Those Supporting Beyoncé

Recently Tasha made headlines because of her post on Instagram saying she is praying for Beyoncé after the artist announced her new world tour. In the post Tasha Cobbs wrote : “there are very few people who will ever understand the weight that comes with certain levels of greatness.”

She further added: “I can’t imagine the amount of personal maintenance required in order to successfully manage a platform of such magnitude. While most people post about her tour announcement today, I felt a tug to intercede! Join me if you feel the tug too.”

The prayer sparked a stir on the internet with people responding to the post, one Instagram user said: “This post is so disturbing to me … Pray for her in what manner? Pray that she be strengthened to use her influence to lead others away from God?”. Tasha has since disabled the post’s comment.

Those Not Supporting Beyoncé

Pastors are having their say on Christians who associate with Beyoncé too with a viral video of Prophet Tiphani Montgomery circulating on social media where she openly rebukes Christians who intend to attend any of her tour dates, saying: “any of you who goes to Beyoncés concert I rebuke you in the name of Jesus … How dare you to call yourself Christian.”

Nicknaming her ‘Baalyonce’, in reference to the demon Baal found in scripture, Montgomery said: “she don’t even hide her worship to her many gods, the devil gave her influence to millions and she uses her platform effectively for the kingdom of darkness.”

Michelle Williams spoke about the rebuke and said she prays everybody comes to know Jesus in a video she posted on social media, stating: “I wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers as we rebuke them and damn their souls to hell.”

So What’s The Answer?

So should Christian parents take their children to a Beyoncé concert?  Should they dissuade them from attending? Many ministers, preachers and pastors say no as it’s not a place to glorify God, a place of worship or the environment to save souls with our testimony. Instead, it’ll be a secular music event and you may leave feeling less godly than you did when you went in.

However some argue that it’s up to an individuals our conviction, as Rachel Kerr stated in a recent interview with Belinda, saying: “the Bible says we must work out our own salvation and fear and trembling – one thing I’ve learned is when you tell people not to do something they want to go and do it.”

We pray that all who are wrestling with this are given the discernment, wisdom and courage to move with where they are led, in Jesus’ name, amen,