According to a new study by Barna, a third of all teenagers believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The findings are part of The Open Generation, an unprecedented international research study to understand the identity, values, and views of teenagers around the world, which includes responses from nearly 25,000 teens ages 13 to 17 across 26 countries.

The stats show 47 percent of teenagers believe Jesus was crucified and 44 percent of teenagers recognise that the Bible is holy, with another 41 percent being inspired by God.

David Kinnaman, CEO of Barna Group said: “Our research shows that teens generally have positive opinions of the Bible, and they’re curious about it.

“Despite these high views, engagement with the Bible remains low, and we see many teens express uncertainty about how scripture can influence their lives and the world around them.

“Globally, our research shows that teens are motivated to make an impact with their lives, are looking for community and fulfilling relationships, and seeking purpose and direction for their lives.

“This research presents areas of opportunity for church leaders to help teens connect their questions to the Bible and the answers it provides.”

According to the research teens do not see Christian believers nearly as positively as they see Jesus himself: teens believe that Jesus is more loving, wise and peaceful than the Christians who follow him and Christians are seen as more judgemental or hypocritical than Jesus.

From the data, Barna revealed three-fifths of teens around the world (59 percent) say there is a Bible in their home.

Among the teens who own a Bible, 88 percent say it is in a language and version they can understand.

However, Bible reading is not the norm for today’s teens: one in five teens uses a Bible at least weekly; 41 percent of all teens never use a Bible.