Swansea University has decided to rename its traditional Christian term titles with more secular ones.

In a statement, the university said the titles “no longer resonate with the student body”.

“We have replaced terms such as Michaelmas and Lent as it was felt they no longer resonated with the student body, both UK and international. These term names are in line with those used by most other UK universities.”

The Welsh university is the latest higher-education institution to drop the Christian titles. In January, the London School of Economics announced it was renaming Michaelmas as “autumn term”, Christmas as “winter break”, Lent as “winter term” and Easter as “spring break”.

The decision prompted criticism from many, including 20 MPs who wrote a letter in the Daily Telegraph describing LSE’s decision as a “manifestation of the culture of shame that bedevils much of the liberal establishment that runs too many of our once great institutions”.

The University of Brighton and the University of Kent have also recently made headlines for their decisions to change or remove Christian references encouraging students to avoid the term “Christian name” and suggesting students use “winter closure period” instead of “Christmas”.