Elianne Andam

On Saturday, family and friends gathered to commemorate the life of Elianne Andam, a Christian schoolgirl who tragically lost her life in September when she was stabbed on her way to school.

The 15-year-old was celebrated as a “God-fearing woman” and described as “pure joy” who “defended the weak when they couldn’t stand up for themselves”.

Elianne was killed as she intervened to protect her friend from an ex-boyfriend.

Four white horses - dressed with pink feathers in their manes - pulled her coffin to the service while hundreds of people marched behind. Although the funeral was for family and friends only, hundreds of people remained outside the church to show their support to the family. More than 3,000 people tuned in to watch the service online.

The funeral service took place at New Life Christian Centre, her family’s church and the congregation Elianne started from the age of one. More recently, she had been regularly attending Hillsong church.

Emotional tributes from family and friends highlighted Elianne’s passions, including her love for music and fashion and her aspiration to become a lawyer.

One of the speakers shared: “Elianne’s focus in secondary school was clear - she aspired to become a human rights lawyer. Her unwavering commitment to justice and her advocacy for fairness were mirrored in her academic ambitions. She saw the legal field as a means to make a positive impact on the world and champion the rights of those who needed a voice.”

Her “unwavering faith” was also emphasised during the service, with her aunt noting that “she proudly wore her cross as a symbol of her Christian faith”.

The testimonials included anecdotes from her childhood, such as her nightly prayers from the age of three, asking God for a baby brother similar to the character’ baby Jake’ from her CBBC program. Her prayers were answered almost five years later, and her deep love and incredible bond with her brother became a testament to her loving nature.

While sharing their pain and frustration at Elianne’s murder, her family said they trusted only “Christ alone, our Cornerstone can soothe this unbearable pain that we feel”.

Honouring God for the gift of life and the remarkable 15 years spent with Elianne, the family refrained from saying goodbye, opting for a heartfelt “just good night, like we did at home”. They said they find comfort in knowing that she is now with God.

“We are comforted by the fact that Elianne loved Jesus and is now in a better place where there is no wickedness and nothing but peace. 

Though we are saddened that she is no longer here, we have the glorious hope that one day we will meet again as we trust in Christ Jesus our saviour. Keep resting in God’s eternal peace our beautiful princess!”

People watching online also paid their tribute on social media while Member of Parliament for Croydon North, Steve Reed, said: “Today is a very sad day as our community says goodbye to Elianne Andam.” He added: “My thoughts are with Elianne’s loved ones who are mourning a deeply tragic loss.”

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with her murder and is due to appear in court in December.