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10 minutes

Everyone sits in a circle and each person has three lives. The first player says a simple statement starting: “I have never…” The idea of the game is to think of something that as few people as possible have done. If one or more people have done that action, the player loses a life. Play continues around the circle with each person having a go.


10 minutes

You will need: Post-it notes; pens; hat or bag

Give each person a Post-it note and ask them to write their favourite food / colour / movie on it. Each person then shares it with the rest of the group. All the Post-its are put into a bag or hat. Each person takes it in turns to pick a Post-it out of the bag and then find the person in the room that matches what is written on it.


5 minutes

This is a great game for older kids, but will involve a lot of smelly shoes and smelly feet. This game works best with larger groups.

Everybody takes off one shoe and throws it into a large pile on the floor. On the count of three, each person grabs a shoe from the pile. They then find the person with the matching shoe, asking their name and three things about them they didn’t already know. After everyone has found their person and asked them the questions, go around the circle and have everyone introduce the person they talked to and share the three things about them. You can play this as many times as your session allows, so that everyone can meet more new people.


10 minutes

You will need: large sponge ball

This is a great game to help young children get to know everyone in the group.

Everyone sits in a circle. Roll a ball to another person in the circle and ask them a question. Start off by asking their name and then move on to asking their favourite colour / film / food. The person who receives the ball then answers the question and rolls the ball to another person and asks a different question.


5 minutes

You will need: large bed sheet

This is a great game to play to help everyone remember the names of the other people in their group.

Get the children to mingle for a few minutes and introduce themselves to each other. Split the group into two teams. Put a bed sheet in the middle of the two groups and get the groups to sit either side of it. Get two leaders to pull the bed sheet up, hiding the teams from each other’s view. Both teams then select a player silently and these two players move and sit facing the bed sheet in the middle. When the leaders can see that both players are ready, they drop the sheet so they can see each other. The first player to yell the other person’s name wins a point for their team. Keep playing until everyone has had at least one go.


5 minutes

You will need: bingo card; pens

This game works for groups of all ages, although younger children may need more guidance.

Before the session, create a bingo card with statements such as: “Has blonde hair”, “Likes Disney movies” or “Has two pets”. You may want to use pictures and simple words for younger children. Hand these bingo cards out to each person and give them a pen, and then send them to find people that fit in the gaps. Each player can only use another person once on their sheet. When someone collects a name for each of the statements, they shout “bingo!” Alternatively, the game can continue until everyone has completed their grid.


10 minutes

This is a game that involves lots of noise and moving around, but it’s a great way to get everyone asking questions.

Call out various statements that begin with: “Find someone who…” It could be “wears glasses”, “likes Harry Potter” or “loves pizza”. The groups then have to find someone who matches the statement. You can limit the groups to pairs or make them as big as you want.

By the youth and children’s teams at Holy Trinity Brompton.

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