Abbey Clancy, the wife of former England footballer Peter Crouch, revealed that he never misses a prayer every night.

Speaking on their podcast The Therapy Crouch, which they both host, the football star admitted that the ritual began during his childhood when he used to pray to God asking for the opportunity to become a professional footballer as he grew older.

Peter giggled as Clancy, 37, told the story: “So you say prayers every night.

“It’s funny, like when we’re going to sleep, I’ll be like talking, obviously. And then he’ll just like, stop talking.

“And then obviously, I’ve slept in the same bed as him for 17 years now – so I just like stop talking while he says his prayer, and then just continue my conversation.”

Peter replied: “I say it in my head.”

Clancy then confessed she was “desperate” to know what the prayer is every night and gave a go at guessing.

“‘He’ll be like, dear God, please can you look after all of my loved ones?

“I just want to say thanks for my house, happiness and can you please look after my family and loved ones and blah blah?”

To which Crouch answered: “Not far off. I think it is nice to just appreciate what you’ve got.”