A teacher who says she was treated like a “dangerous criminal” because of her refusal to pass on LGBTQ+ ideology faces losing her career.

Glawdys Leger, a modern foreign languages (MFL) teacher at a Kent C of E secondary school, is having a ‘fitness to practice’ hearing after a row with her employers.

The 43-year-old’s job at the Church of England school in Bromley required her to teach Religious Education as well as MFL, part of which was based on material produced by gay lobby group Stonewall.

The content, according to Christian Concern which is supporting Leger, included teaching children that humans can be born in the wrong body.

It also required Leger to teach the terms asexual, pansexual, intersex and transgender, Christian Concern says.

Leger told students she did not believe in transgender ideology and that she believed sex outside marriage was a sin.

A parent complained about the lesson, giving examples which Leger, who has 12 years’ experience, has denied. An investigation and disciplinary hearing followed.

Leger is undergoing the Teaching Regulation Authority hearing this week.

A spokesperson for the Church of England, which oversees Bishop Justus School where this took place, said: “It would not be appropriate to comment on the complex particulars of any case to which we are not party, and which is under consideration. 

“Schools are bound by the Equalities Act, which assures that all children and adults are treated with respect, regardless of their faith, gender or sexuality. 

“Everyone is made in God’s image and loved by God - no matter what their background, identity, abilities or anything else.” 

The Department for Education said it does not comment on individual cases.