This optimistic track featured on the recent soundtracks of both Peter Rabbit: The Movie and Early Man. This session explores what it means to walk in God’s way, acknowledging that life will not always be easy or full of fun, but that it will be good.

Before the session begins, set up a maze for the children to explore together if you have the space to do so. If this is not feasible, you could begin the session by playing with a selection of marble mazes, maze toys, or paper and pencil maze puzzles, which are widely available.

Ask the children what sort of week they have had. What will make this a good night for everyone?



Play the track, providing copies of the lyrics for the children to follow. Ask:

  • How does this song make you feel? Why?
  • What makes a day good or bad?
  • What does it mean to find your way?

Invite the children to share their ideas and help them articulate their responses or think more carefully about what it means.

Provide Bibles and ask someone to read Jeremiah 6:16, taking a look at the text together. Explain that Jeremiah was a prophet who was sharing a warning from God to his people, showing that they had rejected the offer God had given them.



  • What does it mean by the ‘good way’?
  • How do we find it?
  • What does the verse promise when we choose to follow the ‘good way’?

Turn back to you Bibles and ask someone to read out John 14:6. Help the children understand what we mean by Jesus being the way’. How does this help us make sense of the verse from Jeremiah?

As a leader, share your own testimony of how following Jesus has not always been an easy path. Give appropriate examples of how it doesn’t always feel fun, but that you have experienced it to be the right thing to do. Ask the children to share some of their own experiences of times when choosing to follow Jesus has been a difficult choice. Help them see that God’s paths are good, relating them to real-life experiences.

As you draw the session to a close, draw a pathway on a length of lining paper and place it in the middle of the room. Spread a selection of marker pens along the pathway and invite the children to come and write their prayers on it. They may want to thank God for the goodness he has promised them, or to ask God for help to walk in his ways. Pray with any individual children as appropri­ate, making space for everyone to pray.