Jenni Osborn

Jenni Osborn

Jenni Osborn is an experienced youth and schools’ worker offering regular practice supervision to busy youth workers and leading mental-health training:

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    New year-ish


    I’ve never been a fan of the ‘new year, new you’ approach to life. Sure, there are times of the year when it feels like a change is needed, and that can involve introducing new habits or resolutions, but the tendency to save all of those up for one specific ...

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    A last-minute Christmas


    Schools’ work

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    School protests


    We have seen a rise in protests happening at schools in various places around the country in the last few years. They have been organised for different reasons but all have at the centre the desire to see change, and each of them have been passionately fuelled.

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    The importance of good religious education


    I have long been passionate about the need for schools to have good religious education (RE) lessons. It’s essential for the way we live today that children know and understand about the religions of the world, with a particular emphasis on those faiths that are represented in their communities.

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    The power of storytelling

    I’ve collected a few stories that have inspired me this summer and I’ll introduce you to them now. If any of these resonate with you or you think they will resonate with the children and young people you meet, then do look up more information.