The top five challenges identified:

  1. Lack of employment opportunities
  2. Failing to succeed within the education system
  3. Issues of body image
  4. Family breakdown
  5. Substance abuse


The issues ranked lowest:

  1. The policy of austerity
  2. Sexual health
  3. Lack of access to training
  4. Worsening environment
  5. Lack of political voice


The biggest barriers to overcoming these challenges:

  1. Being in a low income bracket
  2. Lack of / poor education
  3. Health issues (including mental health)
  4. Lack of employment opportunities
  5. Current Government policy

Rosi Prescott, chief executive of Central YMCA said: ‘Young people are among the most vulnerable in society, often with fewer financial and emotional resources to withstand life’s battles. Any harm caused can leave a permanent scar over the rest of their lives. This not only reduces the quality of their own lives, but may also be detrimental to their families and society as a whole for many years to come.’

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