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    Recharge is a Bible study just for you, to nurture your own relationship with God. So, before you even look at the rest of the magazine, take some time out to focus on him. Grab a coffee, sit, breathe and read.

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    Who is the Trinity?


    It’s September and the kids are heading back to school: parents breathe a sigh of relief, teachers pull together the final few lesson plans and children’s and youth workers prep for a new term. In the spirit of it all, I thought we too could school ourselves on the basics of theology.

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    Children aren’t reading the Bible. What can we do about it?


    The Guardian found out that only half of young children are read to daily. With the Bible a key guide to Christians, Fiona Lloyd asks how we can encourage our little people to read.

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    Engaging children with the Bible


    We spoke to Dr Andrew Ollerton, a theologian and pastor who works alongside the Bible Society, about how we can help our children to engage with the Bible, how to navigate the more difficult passages and the benefits he’s seen of reading the Bible together in his children. Plus, find out about his latest lockdown resource, The Greatest Story Ever.

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    How to read the Bible with your children


    Knowing where to start with the Bible is a challenging question whether you're an adult or a kid. Some parents say start at the beginning, which immediately gets off to a good start in the creation narrative, but it can be challenging and you may quickly get into territory that you begin to struggle with. Other people say to start at the centre  with Jesus Christ, and work out from there; but I think we have to read the whole Bible in the light of Jesus. It's difficult to know what to choose.

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    Can I believe in the Bible and evolution?


    Does believing in evolution mean Adam and Eve didn’t exist and the Bible is wrong?

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    Faith at home

    Forming faith rituals: Multimedia Bible exploration


    What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘multimedia’? Do you think of a video projector? Smoke and lights? Complex editing suites or mixing desks? In the art world, multimedia means the artist using more than one form of content in their work, for example clay in a painting or music with a sculpture. Wikipedia puts it this way: “Multimedia is content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content.”

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    Editor’s choice: The whole Bible in an hour


    Ruth Jackson reflecting on the Soul Survivor talks and seminars that really impacted her and the one that stood out most.

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    Faith at home

    Listening to the Bible


    Listening to the Bible is often seen as a second rate option to reading it. 

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    The birds, the bees and the Bible


    Some of us may be a little squeamish about sex, but as it’s part of the Bible story we should be talking about it more with children. Nate Morgan Locke explains why.

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    Faith at home

    Forming faith rituals: Playmo-Bible time


    One of the things I love to do is use toys to explore a Bible story. It’s a great way to bring faith activities into your children’s world, and it enables them to use the language of play in their faith. This is especially helpful for under-5s, who may not yet be able to express themselves through speech or writing. But it’s good for all of us, adults and children, to use play to explore our faith, as it gives us the freedom to respond to God in ways we might not attempt with words.

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    Faith at home

    Bun in the oven, Bible in hand


    The nine months before giving birth can be a great time of preparation. Children’s worker and mum of two Annie Willmot shares her thoughts…

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    A football-based Bible study to revamp your ministry


    The World Cup is upon us, so here’s a football-themed Bible study. Have a read of Matthew 25:14-30 then find out what Paul Martin has to say about football (and youth and children’s work)

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    What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

    Mentions of God’s creation appear at various points thoughout the Bible but the main place where we read about this is in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Genesis doesn’t talk about dinosaurs roaming the earth. But then neither does it mention cats, penguins or squirrels!

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    Faith at home

    Pure, undiluted Bible: Opening up God’s word with kids


    We all know that reading the bible is important, but we seem pretty bad at actually doing it as families. Nate Morgan Locke is on hand to help

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    Bible reading notes


    Children’s workers put resources through their paces. How do you engage children with the Bible? Alex Taylor tracks down some of the great Bible reading resources out there for children, and gives them the Premier Childrenswork road test.

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    Bringing the Bible to Life


    We know that the Bible is anything but boring, but how do we communicate this to children, encouraging them to read it for themselves? Author and storyteller Andy Robb gives us some tips for bringing the Bible to life, with the help of one of his creations…

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    Re-imagining the Bible


    With The Bible TV series hitting our screens, Dr Nick Shepherd asks: how do we use the Bible today?

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    Play through the Bible


    Author: Alice Buckley

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    Four of the most random moments in the Bible


    The Bible is a collective of books that holds great wisdom and instruction for Christians, but also some of the greatest stories ever told