Andy Frost

Andy Frost is director of Share Jesus International and is working alongside Care for the Family on a new initiative to help parents share their faith at home. Find out more at

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    Faith at home

    Losing their religion


    There is silence as the new Christian takes to the platform. Their story begins with a search for meaning, purpose and love. There are twists and turns. Their life story seems desperate and the congre­gation sits in rapt attention. And then suddenly there is a turning point in the story.

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    Faith at home

    Taking flight: Four tips for developing faith in our children


    I remember the moment I left the hospital lobby carrying this tiny baby. I was sure someone was going to stop me. I was with my wife carrying our daughter out of the ward and I felt that we were complete imposters. We had this tiny life in our arms and yet we had no idea what to do as parents. We felt completely unqualified.