Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by an alien race called the Sovereign to protect powerful batteries from invaders. When they discover that Rocket has stolen the batteries, the Sovereign dispatch their armada in pursuit. As the Guardians try to escape, the mystery of Peter’s parentage is revealed. What follows is an exploration of family, love and 80s music!

Nearly every character in the film explores the idea of family in some form. There’s sibling rivalry between Gamora and her twisted sister, Nebula. Rocket struggles to trust anyone and admit weakness. Drax hides an incredible rage and sadness over the loss of his family. The disgraced Yondu is lost without his deserting crew, and Baby Groot, who is just adorable.

These clips explore two different ideas of family. The first takes place towards the start of the film and sees the Guardians together after a successful mission. Having recaptured Nebula, Gamora has a tense conversation with her sister where they display their distrust and dislike for one another. Immediately afterwards, it is revealed that Rocket has stolen some batteries, which leads to the Sovereign attacking their ship. The Guardians then bicker and fall out with one another as they attempt to escape.

The second clip sees Quill reunited with his father and learning about his past. Quill even enjoys a game of catch with his long-lost dad. However, a conversation between Drax and Mantis not only reveals Drax’s sad past but also hints at Quill’s father having ulterior intentions for his own son.


  • Who is your favourite Guardian? Why?
  • What do you think the film has to say about the idea of ‘family’?
  • Is Quill a moral character?
  • Is the idea of what makes a ‘family’ different for the younger and older generation?

Read Acts 2 (if you’re short of time, focus on verse 42 onwards). Although this passage isn’t about a biological family, it is about the early Church and different people coming together as one community. Discuss the following questions in groups. You could have a whole group feedback session afterwards to share ideas.

  • Is this idea of community unrealistic today?
  • What inspiration could we take for our own youth or children’s group?
  • Verse 44 is interesting. Is this important for a community to be successful?